Chloe Loudon’s practice is primarily concerned with the volatile relationship between the natural world and mankind in the wake of an increasingly advanced technological age, questioning the interactions we have with ourselves, others and conventional perceptions of reality.


Much of her work centres around tropical foliage due to its popularity as a contemporary ‘aesthetic’ on digital social media platforms; the imagery is then manipulated, broken and interrupted with other images and patterns to produce entirely new pieces that are familiar yet unnatural, often lurid and disorientating through the contrast of hard geometry with flowing natural forms and intense, highly-saturated colours.


Using a variety of painterly media such as spray paint, acrylic and oil, Loudon’s work has taken influence from Glitch Art, Psychedelia and Abstract to explore ideas of Hyperreality; the ‘glitches’ or ‘interruptions’ of imagery seen in her paintings represent the breakdown in communication we have with reality, being replaced instead with digital projections of realities many wish to experience, such as that of the ‘tropical utopia’. Her work aims to challenge what we think to be real and allows us to consider the future of the natural, human and digital world.