My practice is about the aesthetics of bodies of water through colour and gesture in oil paint. Creating an escape from everyday life in order for you to immerse yourself in the beauty of water. I work from photographs of seaside pools to create a contrast between controlled and natural water. The vibrant colours from the sea and swimming pools is a key interest and oil paint allows me to explore this. The process of painting is important in capturing the difference in movement and light in the visual contrast of contained and open water. Artists that have influenced my practice are David Hockney, Maggi Hambling and Jackson Pollock. Hambling and Pollock focus on creating energy and movement through the medium of paint, whereas Hockney takes a recognisable scene and translates it into a painting, being aware that a painting is a 2D surface. I’m interested in abstraction and realism and I’m finding my own way of combining them through painting bodies of water.