I paint! I believe in paint. 

Oils on canvas may no longer be the most fashionable medium – how many painters have won the Turner Prize in the last 30 years? But I’m determined to show that painting – even at its most figurative – has far from exhausted its potential for revealing truths about ourselves. 

 That’s why I paint people: their faces, their bodies, their true selves. I see them like landscapes, their outward contours and features expressing powerful forces at work deep beneath the surface.  Process is as central to my practice as subject. The act of working with paint is highly personal to me; it’s as vital as a sculptor’s relationship with stone or a ceramicist’s with clay. I’m not dealing with metaphors – I’m re-creating the figure or face before me from the paints on my palette, and every brushstroke carries meaning.

My works are a diary of my progress as an artist. I’m currently exploring the possibilities of the ‘oil sketch’, its validity as a finished piece, and how its sense of fractional information can express not just the subject of a picture, but the process, the materials, the artist and the instant of its creation. There’s an art to knowing when to stop.