What I’m trying to do is to let myself go. Always worried about planning my paintings, there is a rigidity that I wish to fight away. On one hand, my main enemy is my mind, I tend to lose myself in my thoughts while, probably, I could reach the “infectiousness” of my paintings without thinking about them at all. My painting “Sensation of Alcohol and Music” is the only one I have improvised this year and it is the strongest. On the other hand I paint my life. My obsession with astrophysics, the thoughts I am ashamed of and that I cannot say out loud, the places I went to, the sensations of new experiences… This is what my paintings are about. My goal is to bring the viewer inside another dimension: the dimension of my mind where everything is blue. Blue is the freedom and chaos of my mind, of my desires, of my unconscious. The images can be very detailed thanks to the use of a fountain pen, they are mixed up, with no clear connection between them, and float in a completely abstract context made with oil paint creating an interesting contrast with the fountain pen.