My current practice focuses on the issue of plastic pollution within oceans.I am particularly interested in the effects of nature, including the impact of the weather and time on the landscape, and the human impact on the ocean. The experimentation of texture and materials holds an integral place within my work, and I have been looking at how less conventional materials can be used within painting to create the varying textures found in a seascape. The plastic used in my paintings is taken from the coasts of the seascapes painted; this helps the plastic to belong to the paintings and is also a way of doing something towards combatting plastic ocean pollution, although on a very small scale. I am particularly drawn to the tension between land, sea and sky and the strong sense of the horizontal. As a result, my paintings are habitually split into these three elements and contain a strong horizon line, giving a solid depth of field. Ultimately, it is the exploration of paint and materials within Seascapes that is vital to my practice, enabling me to portray my passion for the ocean and its ever-changing surroundings