This is the quiet story of how I lost something.


These imprints are what is left behind.


I am interested in the space created when logic and symbolism are stripped away and the work is felt. I try to create soft, intimate pieces that appear empty until the detail is revealed as you are drawn closer. I study and draw things that have died naturally and that I have found near my home, such as moths or birds. I write poetry which I respond to in my artwork which deals with loss, death, miscarriage, vulnerability and transformation. Moths are central to my work and I have looked at folklore and superstition from around the world surrounding white moths and their links to death. In many European cultures, a white moth signifies the death if an infant. 


I work solely with paper and white ink to emphasize the fragility of the work. I have used different methods of printmaking such as etching, silkscreen and digital to explore these ideas. I am interested in how different pieces become more visible as the light shifts throughout the day while others are obscured.


The process of developing this work has been personally healing and I hope that viewers can share in this catharsis.