The material in this show reveals how movement between 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional media has influenced developments within my practice.   In my ceramic work I wanted to incorporate the vibrancy that I associate with paint and pigments, in my paintings I wanted to make reference to the ways that a material like clay can be malleable and solid.   Over the last nine months I have been drawing on my memories of studying in Japan.  I wanted to combine my understanding of traditional painting techniques and appreciation of Japanese art with influences from contemporary European and American art to address subjects that are topical. 


“Passport” reflects the way that immigration dominated news coverage from the UK and the United States while I was in Otsu.  “Hertha Algae” and “Pulse” show my interest in capturing different aspects of the land and seascape.  They are companion pieces to “Naoshima: Rust/Sea/Sun” which records my impressions of the island and the way that it has adapted from being a fishing community to one where employment is dependent on hospitality and art. The island was also an inspiration because the cost of transporting materials to and from major ports has put a premium on recycling.