I aim to investigate the world in a psychogeographical manner in order to explore materials and surfaces in relation to the human body, primarily using the sense ‘touch’. This enables me to gain a predominantly spatial and textural perspective of the area under scrutiny.


I integrate aspects of my contemporary dance practice into the field of 3D contemporary art. My sculptural, performance based responses - involving natural elements such as clay and glass - often reflect environmental concerns within society or instead stand alone as an investigation into the dialogue between the process of making and the human action. Also, due to connotations in connection with my female body in the spatial world, links with femininity and Mother Nature arise. I enjoy working in unpredictable site-specific environments as quick thinking and improvisation is often an exciting aspect of making and performing. Hence, I have recently investigated rural site specific dance with an interest in coastal dance performances.


Furthermore, I like to question - ‘In what ways are the boundaries we place around artforms imagined or real?’ and ‘How might exploring work that exists on the edges or crossing these boundaries open up new creative possibilities?’. I find understanding how creativity is enhanced within interdisciplinary environments particularly interesting and am intrigued to further investigate the types of outcomes that present themselves when cross art collaboration occurs.