‘Hold me’

Life in an orphanage in rural China is devoid of hugs I know I was there. I travelled 6000 miles to find a family and to learn to hug. A hug transcends all languages. It says more than words can ever say. Anyone can learn to hug, and everyone should. I set out to promote hugging.

The earth binds us and unite us therefore it was only right that my material should come from the earth. Clay is naturally occurring and can be recycled, reused and reformed. It symbolises my life so far.

Within in my practice I hand built vessels as a replacement for my soul, but wider than that, for anyone else who needs to find their soul. I wanted to create a hugging experience and encourage everyone to hug my vessels leaving behind their mark and ultimately part of themselves.  My vessels are hollow and empty waiting for that void to be filled physically and emotionally. We hug to comfort and to be comforted, in sadness and happiness and in fear and in love, we hug.