My work takes on a heavy influence of love and that it’s such a wide spectrum
of experiences my own and ones I have viewed as an individual in my day to
day life and some of things that just flow through my mind.
I express this through poems that I have written on my phone usually in the
early hours of the morning and rarely during the day gathering all my thoughts
that would usually keep me up and shouting them out into existence through

my poetry.

I further express my poetry by immortalising it into bright aesthetically
pleasing prints ranging colours to reflect the mood of the text brighter colours
paired with darker ones to represent tones of mixed emotions.
My prints are a way of expressing myself without showing too much, I choose
short snappy extracts from the poem showing some parts but not enough that
people analyse the meaning of and it’s left to them to decide what they take
from the work if they walk away and not given it a second thought that’s up to