I am currently working with oil paint because paint itself is very rich and full of vibrant pigment. It allows me to produce work that looks ‘natural’, real and alive. The fluidity of paint makes me want to explore its limits as a substance and different meanings when applied using various methods. At the same time, I wanted to break the two-dimensional frame, so I began looking for ways to bring the painting out into the third dimension. Different applications of paint were then allowed to create various perspectives and place the subject either further away from the viewer or closer.


I began thinking more about saturation and chiaroscuro and of colour, which led me to investigate Albert Munsell’s colour theory. Due to this process change, before applying any paint on the canvas, I now have to keep thinking while making in order to know which colour would benefit another best and what mark would add to the painting instead of overcrowding it and taking something away from it.