I am interested in tacky, kitsch, and bad taste particularly early 2000’s ‘girl’ culture – an era I grew up in, surrounded by an artificial, consumer-friendly femininity. My work investigates different categories of femininity which are presented to us at a young age and how rigid they are. These ideas of femininity can be found in many games and magazines aimed at girls, prescribing very rigid ideas of what women can become.


The videos I make are currently shown on computers screens as I want to have an appropriate use of technology in keeping with the early 2000’s influences to my work. In terms of process, my current videos are an appropriation of online games and also uses platforms such as The Sims as a tool to create new content. The videos are created by screen recording live game play and then edited using iMovie, I find this software’s built in effects work well with my low tech style of video. Both The Sims and iMovie can give quite a low tech and overly edited overall impression which I find sits well with my interest in early 2000’s culture.